We assist academics to deliver events – seminars, workshops and conferences – to share their research with other academics, industry, government, etc.

We’ve worked closely with technical committees or individual academics to shepherd these events to successful conclusions. In doing so, we’ve realised that, while academics need them to happen, they don’t want the hassle of organising them – they just want to focus on the technical content of the event! So we can take on as little or as much of the hassle as required, delivering all the administrative aspects, or working in a team.

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Once you’ve decided you need an event, we can take on all or part of the hassle such as:

  • financial management – budgeting, setting fees, invoice generation, money handling, supplier selection and management, interfacing with finance departments;
  • event planning – scale, programming, audience targeting, dates, venue selection and liaison, developing a programme of events;
  • marketing – creating adverts, copy writing, finding advertising space, running campaigns, contact sourcing and development, market research, business engagement;
  • liaison with delegates, speakers and exhibitors – mass and one-on-one communications via webpages, emails, telephone, fax, letters and meetings, dealing with delegate enquiries and bookings, speaker requirements and presentation setup;
  • accommodation, venue and catering management – discussing and delivering: required venue access, layout, signage, staffing; culturally and dietary aware catering orders and timings; arranging or booking appropriate accommodation;
  • preparation and printing of proceedings – copy writing, content collation, layout, graphical design, printer sourcing and liaison;
  • delegate packs and badges – copy writing, content collation, badge design, printing and preparation;
  • on the day administration – registration desk, venue preparation and liaison, delegate hosting, IT management, speaker handover;
  • IT & AV – sourcing IT & AV requirements, liaison with Audio-Visual staff at venue, organising wifi access, PA systems, microphones, speakers, projectors, event computers, screens, video-links, web-conferencing, etc;
  • project management – delivering the event, making sure it happens to plan and to budget.


Over the past ten years, we have delivered:

  • events involving multiple presentations (with or without Q&A), single presentations with multiple presenters, panel discussions, multiple venues, supplier exhibitions and multi-party site tours;
  • one day technical seminars run in the universities of Swansea, Cardiff, Bristol, Oxford, Sheffield, Birmingham, Newcastle, City University London;
  • series of business engagement workshops across Wales funded by the Welsh Asembly Government;
  • two-day seminars and conferences in Cardiff, Hanau, Lucerne and Aalborg;
  • day, afternoon, evening / dinner events in venues including Cardiff Castle, TRW Conekt, Rolls Royce plc, Dr Who Experience, Millenium Centre, Jaguar Land Rover, and HMS Belfast;
  • internationally attended seminars held in the UK, Denmark, Switzerland and Germany;
  • conferences with delegates and speakers from Germany, the UK, Japan, China, the USA, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden and many others;
  • meetings with 3 to 150 delegates drawn from academia, industry, charities, government, public bodies, the armed forces, etc;
  • single and multi-stream workshops, with between 1 and 24 speakers.

When to contact us

We can help if:

  • you want to organise a workshop to promote your research and find new collaborators;
  • you have a funding application which requires dissemination planning;
  • you’re part of a technical committee organising a series of annual conferences and you want to bring it to the UK;
  • you want to start a new conference series to engage other academics in the field;
  • your workshop is too small for your existing event organisers to help with;
  • you want to kickstart a new area of research with a seminar engaging industry and other reseachers;
  • your team of conference organisers are overwhelmed by demand;
  • you need help to organise part of a larger event – an evening reception, a conference site tour, a programme for accompanying guests, etc.
  • you think we can!