The staff of Macresco Ltd have worked in manufacturing, engineering, finance and academia, learning and applying their craft in Knowledge Management, Society Administration and Event Management over many years.

The underlying philosophy we have developed from this experience is that people know useful stuff, but organisations need help using that knowledge. That help might be in the form of improving the processes through which people apply their knowledge, or by helping people to connect so that their knowledge can be applied where it’s needed.

We have worked in or with:

  • BAE Systems
  • Cardiff University
  • Unum Provident
  • Welsh Assembly Government
  • UK Magnetics Society
  • MFI
  • Lean in HE Hub

Our academic experience has been honed in the academic environment of South Wales, where we have worked extensively with Cardiff University Support Services, as well as its Schools of Engineering, Nursing, Dental, BRASS and Social Sciences, delivering a variety of contracts around management, improvement, business engagement and best practise research.

The experiences we have gained working in both the commercial and academic worlds leaves in good stead to deliver in either world, or to act as a bridge between the two worlds. We understand what each world needs from interacting with each other – the different timescales, the research or teaching opportunities, and the product / service applicable knowledge, and we strive to help both sides achieve what they want from an event.

We are a preferred supplier to Cardiff University.